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What Online Channels Are Most Important To My Business?

Today’s online landscape is complex.  Your website visitors come to you from email campaigns, search engines, social media networks, comparison shopping portals, coupon sites, affiliate web pages, display advertising partners, and more.  Determining where to start can be difficult and pretty overwhelming.  Not all channels offer the same reach into your target audience.  Some channels will perform better in your market than others.

To get the most out of online marketing, you have to focus on multiple channels, not just one.  Timing is crucial, too.  The combined effect, if done right, is greater than the sum of its parts.  For example, studies show that appearing in organic and paid search engine positions on the same results page increases clicks.  And, combining traditional advertising (like radio) with online advertising results in higher ad recall and brand awareness.  Another thing multi-channel marketing does is minimize your risk.  Ask anyone who’s still picking up the pieces from Google’s Panda update (  While the search algorithm update was reported to have an impact on 12% of search results, some sites lost over 50% of their traffic, which means they probably lost 50% of their revenue.  If your business model depends largely on one channel, you could wake up one day after the latest update and be out of business.  Focusing your online marketing efforts on more than one channel will reduce your risk and give you time to recover if one avenue falls short.

So, how do you know what channels perform best for your industry?  Study the competition.  Learning where and what your competitors are spending online can save you thousands of dollars in trial and error.  This kind of research takes time, and some expertise.  But it’s worth the effort.  You’ll be surprised at how much you can learn.  You can come up with a rough estimate of where your competition is getting their traffic – from social, search, display ad partners, or other sources.  You can know what keywords your competition is spending on, an approximation of what kind of traffic that generates, and about how much they are spending a month to get it.  You can judge how large their social reach is and what campaigning strategies they’re using to build a following.  There is a world of competitive data out there if you’ve got the discipline to find it.

This is an essential part of what we do every day at White Label Marketing.  We begin every new account with a detailed online marketing assessment that helps mid-sized companies understand how they are performing versus their competition and their potential for online growth.  Contact us today and speak with one of our consultants to learn more about how we can help you.

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