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How Do I Keep Up With All the Latest Online Marketing Tools & Strategies?

Part of the challenge of building your brand and generating new business online is how quickly things change.  Every new channel gives birth to a host of new strategies and those strategies in turn bear a litter of latest tools, plugins, extensions and widgets.  Keeping up with and making sense of it all can eat away precious resources.

Take search engine optimization, for example.  Nearly every activity in the SEO process has its own set of tools.  You start with keyword discovery tools like Wordtracker and Google’s Keyword Tool.  These will help you source new keywords you haven’t thought of, words your customers are using to find your products or services.  Search volume and competition metrics allow you to guess at how much a keyword position might be worth to you, and how difficult it may be to get a top-page ranking.  Once you’ve narrowed in on some terms, there are other tools to help you see how well you are using those keywords on your website.  These onsite analyses will help you know if you’re using those terms in prominent places, like page titles, meta descriptions, headings, and image names.  They can tell you if there is anything structurally or technically wrong with your site that would prevent or make it difficult for the search engine spider to find your content.  Then it’s time to start link building, and there are a whole set of tools to help you do that, mining backlinks from competitors to identify ways to increase your website’s popularity and rank.

And the process repeats in every channel.  In social media, you’ll run into campaign management tools (to manage all your social profiles in one place).  You’ll find tools for identifying influencers and engaging an audience. There are tools for managing your reputation and monitoring your brand.  Identifying all the right tools to use is one thing and using them effectively is something else altogether.  A lot of tools come packaged with proprietary metrics for reach, demand, competition.  Knowing what those sometimes seemingly-vague metrics really mean and how you can use them to your advantage isn’t easy.  But, for the most part, they do reflect strategies and best practices you need to know about to build and launch an effective online marketing campaign.

One of the side effects of all these affordable, mass market solutions is that support is lacking.  Good luck getting Google to help you set up goals for conversion tracking in your Analytics suite.  Not gonna happen.  Ultimately, if you’re serious about growing your company through online marketing, you have to either hire in the resources to do it or go with a trusted outside online marketing firm.  White Label Marketing helps companies arrive at that decision by starting with a deep assessment of the current landscape for their industry.  That includes laying out a definitive online marketing plan with costs and returns, so you know what it will take to effectively market your company online and what you can expect to get out of it.

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