Lack of Coordination & Control

How Can I Execute a Coordinated Online Marketing Campaign?

You know your company needs online marketing.  You’ve heard about Facebook being the third largest country in the world.  You’ve watched online spending go up and up and up, with no sign of slowing.  That’s been enough for a lot of companies to start spending in knee-jerk fashion.  Sooner or later you start to get overwhelmed.  How do you get control of it all?  With all the online channels, tools and services available, it can seem nearly impossible.

A big part of the problem is being able to coordinate your online marketing campaigns, and realizing there’s value in doing that.  You probably have someone in house sending out emails and writing content.  Maybe you have an outside firm handling your search marketing and another beefing up your social.  There are a lot of wheels in motion.  That’s okay as long as the wheels are headed in the same direction.  Why?  Because your social marketing efforts can boost your search engine rankings.  Your latest email campaign or press release should have its mirror in what goes on your facebook wall that month or what pops up in your tweets.   A coordinated approach will increase clicks, leads, ad recall, and brand awareness.

Achieving a strong level of coordination is complicated with multiple service providers.  They don’t talk to each other much, for a variety of reasons.  Your search guy is, well, a search guy.  He’s probably still complaining about this “social frenzy.”  Your social guy … well, you know what I’m going to say – he spends his cocktail hour talking about how search is dead.  The truth is they are both very much alive, and to get the most out of them you want your specialists to be in sync.

White Label Marketing offers an easy solution to this problem: Hire an online marketing firm that has expertise in all these channels and that offers a realistic strategy based on real data of how you can win in your industry.  At the very least, we recommend approaching online marketing with real data and a coordinated plan of attack based on a careful analysis of the current market and competition.

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