Fragmented Marketing Plan

Who Can Help Me Understand the Bigger Picture and What Works for My Company?

Search “seo company” in Google and you’ll get over 12 million results.  “Social media management” and “affiliate management” will give you a lot more.  The landscape of service providers for companies seeking help with online marketing is vast and fragmented.  Every provider seems to have its specialty, but few appear to offer the complete package.

The problem with this fragmented marketplace is that companies offering these services get so committed to their specialty that they miss the larger picture.  Your SEO specialist gets so obsessed with ranking your website for a select group of terms that he starts to think more about position than traffic.  Position won’t necessarily result in sales, but traffic will.  Same thing in social.  Social media campaigners can get so wrapped up in adding more fans and followers that they forget about the quality of the engagement and, more importantly, what that engagement does for your company in terms of new business and better branding.  In other words, these specialists, these executioners become more about the execution than the result.  And that’s a problem.

When your online marketing is being handled by multiple vendors who are heavily focused on technical execution, it’s easy to overspend.  A lot of companies burn away precious capital this way.  And while they may improve some keyword rankings here or a fan base there, it doesn’t bring the results they expect.  This happens often, for two reasons.  First, service providers don’t do enough to help companies understand their estimated return before they launch the campaign, so companies go into an online marketing campaign with inflated or unrealistic expectations.  Second, companies end up spending too much in a single channel or in the wrong channels.

It pays to do your homework.  You can estimate a realistic return before you start spending on campaigns.  For example, you can estimate the approximate traffic you’ll get from achieving a top rank for a given keyword.  You can estimate from your own sales data or industry standards about how many of those visitors will turn into customers.  And by looking closely at the competition you can project about how long and how much you’ll have to spend to get there.  What you’ll end up with is a rough acquisition cost for your customer through search engine optimization.  The calculation is even easier for paid search traffic because you can measure your costs down to a click.  Many online marketing professionals shy away from talking about return on investment because it holds them to a higher level of accountability and if the customer really ran the numbers, the heavy fees might not make sense.

White Label Marketing isn’t interested in keeping our clients in the dark.  Through careful competitive analysis, our clients know what to expect from their online marketing campaigns from day one and are kept up to speed every step of the way.

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