3 Quick and Simple Tips for Marketing on Linkedin

By Kim Nguyen

Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest aren’t the only big social networks out there. Linkedin has over 100 million registered members and that number is growing. As more businesses turn to Linkedin to connect and build relationships with potential customers, it’s helpful for businesses to expand their knowledge about marketing on Linkedin, so here are 3 quick and simple tips. Read More…..

Rethinking Google Plus for Business with Guy Kawasaki

By Trent Wardrop

A show of hands for all those who set up a Google Plus business account and didn’t do anything with it. (Mine is up.)  But I just read Guy Kawasaki’s new book, “What the Plus!”, and it’s made me want to rethink my stand (or lack of one) on Google Plus for business.

Maybe I was too quick to proclaim with the rest of em: Google Plus dead!  For months people have been calling Google Plus a “ghost town” or “the graveyard of social media.”  But that graveyard appears to be growing.  As of March 2012, Google+ topped over 100 million active users.  100 million active users in over 9 months.  It’s not Pinterest-style growth, but it’s pretty impressive.

And Kawasaki makes a pretty persuasive argument.

Does More Time Spent on Social Media Equal Higher Social ROI?

By Kim Nguyen

Graph time spent on social mediaThe question on everyone’s minds: does more time spent on social media mean a greater social ROI?  That is one of the questions Social Media Examiner tries to answer in its 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report.  They surveyed 3300 fellow marketers to find insights on how marketers are using social media to grow their company.  Companies are becoming more social and staying on top of using Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, blogs, and other channels takes commitment.  Maintaining a well run social media machine takes time but exactly how much time and what are the benefits? Read More…..

Facebook Timeline for Business Pages – Not as Bad as You Think

By Troy Wardrop

14 days and counting until the Facebook Timeline takes effect. Don’t freak out! Facebook timeline for business pages isn’t as bad as you think. You just have to think a little differently now. Here are the basics:

1. Think History

I know many of you businesses love that history wall you’ve created in your office. Showing off your accomplishments and milestones. Now you can translate that into the facebook experience. Significant posts become those pinpoints on your wall. Keep that in mind when you’re planning your posts. The newsfeed provides a new type of “milestone” post that will be added to the brand timeline. Read More…..

Learn to ‘Cross-Inform’ for Better Multi-Channel Marketing

By Courtney Morrill

Nowadays, the smart marketers are all talking about “multi-channel marketing.” If you’re new to this term, it means marketing using more than one channel, usually combining traditional and digital marketing channels.  In the context of online marketing, multi-channel marketing means marketing through a combination of online channels, like email, social media, mobile and search.

But how do you effectively market across multiple online channels? A recent column by Shelly Alavarez at MarketingLand.com sheds some light on this. Alvarez suggests that marketers can’t expect to be successful across multiple channels if their customers aren’t ‘cross-informed’. In short, if you want to achieve multi-channel marketing success, start sharing common messages to your consumers across the board, as opposed to different messages for each platform. Read More…..