How to Implement a Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy

By Brittany Leake

So you have a social media marketing strategy.  So what?  Just because you have a strategy doesn’t mean it’s effective.  My grandpa has a social media marketing strategy, which involves successfully logging into his Facebook account and updating his status each and every day to “Still kicking” with a link to an advertisement for pickles.  Effective marketing strategy?  Potentially – if he had the fan base of Chuck Berry rather than an impressive following of 22 (all of whom are family members).

To be successful, no social media effort can be treated as an island.  Anyone can sign up for a Facebook account or create a LinkedIn profile, but it doesn’t mean anyone’s paying attention – including you.  Implementing a social media strategy into your marketing plan requires effort.  But more than that, it requires empathy.  The question is – how do you get there? Read More…..

Better Search Engine Advertising Results: Build Your Web Presence

By Courtney Morrill

Like most of us, you probably take it one step at a time, or use the approach that you’ll cross that bridge when you get to it. But when it comes to your search engine advertising, you might have to cross several bridges at once, and faster than you thought. Most people believe that as long as they combine their search ads with a little SEO then they’ve given it the old college try.

What most people don’t realize is that to be truly successful in this highly competitive game, their entire web presence must be taken into account. You can’t have a top-notch search advertising campaign if you don’t implement some key elements from the top down.  Keep these 4 tips in mind to improve your search engine advertising campaigns, your sales, and your overall web presence.


Eminem versus Rihanna: Who has the Top Facebook page?

By Kim Nguyen

Celebrities – love them or hate them, but one thing we can’t do is ignore them, especially when it comes to social media. They are taking on many tactics in the social media world to expand their influence and engagement with their fans.  But which famous people on Facebook are truly better at using social media – Eminem or Rihanna?  These two have the highest Facebook likes among the celebrity Facebook pages.  Yes, even beating out Lady Gaga *gasp*.  Let’s take a look at these two superstars and how they match up by comparing Facebook activity in March 2012. Read More…..

Pinterest Analytics: Hello Pinerly

By Troy Wardrop

Another sign of Pinterest’s rapid growth to social stardom is the advent of analytics tools that allow us to dig deeper into what’s going on with our pinboards than google analytics will tell us. We see the “” referral site climbing the charts of our google analytics traffic sources report and find ourselves wondering: Ok, but what happened before they got to my site and how do I get more? Read More…..

How to Improve Sales with Blogging: Think Like a Consumer

By Courtney Morrill

Too many people think that blogging is not for their company because they tried a few posts, felt like it didn’t improve their sales or visibility, and then abandoned ship. The problem? You need to think of blogging as a trial and error process – the long game – where you take risks, rethink, restructure, and stop referring to it as a failed experiment. It’s a learning experience, where you need to learn to think like the consumers you’re trying to reach. In fact, you should try to blog the way they do. If you think like a customer – and unless you’re a robot, you’re one too – then you can increase your traffic, boost your visibility, and essentially never wonder how to improve sales with a blog again. Here are 3 easy blogging tips to help you think like and appeal to consumers. Read More…..