Pinterest Analytics: Hello Pinerly

By Troy Wardrop

Another sign of Pinterest’s rapid growth to social stardom is the advent of analytics tools that allow us to dig deeper into what’s going on with our pinboards than google analytics will tell us. We see the “” referral site climbing the charts of our google analytics traffic sources report and find ourselves wondering: Ok, but what happened before they got to my site and how do I get more? Before we’ve even asked ourselves that question the techies have been busy at work creating their tools. Already we’ve seen:,,,, .. and I’m sure many more will follow. Businesses need to keep two things in mind when thinking about how to monitor analytics for Pinterest: One, what metrics should I be looking at to help me determine success for my campaigns. Two, which tool allows me to know my metrics and capitalize on what I know.

Knowing Your Metrics

Knowing your metrics isn’t too hard, because there aren’t that many things to track just yet. For each new pin you want to know how many clicks, repins and/or likes it received and be able to watch it in real time. Also, you want to pay attention to how many comments each pin gets as a measure for engagement. Then you can watch the visits to your website through your google analytics and track the rest of the funnel from there. If you add a text link to your pin, make sure to tag the link to your site using google’s url builder tool, so that you can tie the visits from this pin or pin board to a campaign in your analytics. That way you can compare campaigns against each other to see which ones performed the best.

The Best Tool to Use

And the obvious winner is … No surprise there, Pinerly launched it’s tool on March 3, 2012 and attracted 36,000 signups within one week of launching.  It has a clean and simple interface that allows you to track the metrics I mentioned above.  But has also promised to launch some useful features like: scheduling your pins to save time and a bookmarklet, so you don’t have to go through to use the service.

It’s now become important for businesses to watch their Pinterest analytics.  Pinterest has now landed itself on the podium of the social network olympics, coming in with the bronze.  Cheap clicks are awaiting, get them while you can.



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