How to Improve Sales with Blogging: Think Like a Consumer

By Courtney Morrill

Too many people think that blogging is not for their company because they tried a few posts, felt like it didn’t improve their sales or visibility, and then abandoned ship. The problem? You need to think of blogging as a trial and error process – the long game – where you take risks, rethink, restructure, and stop referring to it as a failed experiment. It’s a learning experience, where you need to learn to think like the consumers you’re trying to reach. In fact, you should try to blog the way they do. If you think like a customer – and unless you’re a robot, you’re one too – then you can increase your traffic, boost your visibility, and essentially never wonder how to improve sales with a blog again. Here are 3 easy blogging tips to help you think like and appeal to consumers.

#1. Employ the Power of Comparison
Variety is the spice of life, and for consumers, comparisons of the many varieties will get you far. As consumers, we love to compare things, don’t we? We want to make sure we’re getting the best deal or the highest quality product. People scour the internet to find reviews of anything from cars to blenders. By utilizing the power of ‘versus’ you can generate a lot of traffic to your blog, merely by creating a trusted, ‘review-like’ atmosphere where your help consumers cut out all of the messy, circular research.
For instance, a technology retailer might consider pitting one form of technology against another, perhaps “PCs vs Macs: Which is Right for You?” followed by some contrasting and comparing, while referring to the individual needs of the consumer. If a consumer feels like this is an honest comparison – that you’re a trusted source – and that their individual needs are being taken into account, your traffic, sales and ROI could skyrocket. A bonus? Comparison posts could open the door to countless ‘spin-off’ posts around the same topic.

#2. Give Them Your ‘Best’
Speaking of comparison, consumers are constantly searching for things using the word, ‘best’. Don’t we all want the best for ourselves? It only makes sense that the savvy blogger would then give the public what they want: the best! We’re always searching for ‘What’s the best fuel efficient vehicle…” or “What’s the best type of tea…” and if you take those types of queries into account, you would then shape your blog posts around those questions. In fact, you’d use the keyword ‘best’ in your content frequently—especially in your title.
The ‘best’ things about this practice? Not only could you drive a lot more search traffic to your blog and increase sales, you could also set yourself up as a trusted source of quality information. You’re the expert now.

#3. Ripped from the Headlines
Author David Meerman Scott has now coined the phrase, ‘Newsjacking.’ It’s simple really: breaking news becomes your next blog topic. By taking a popular headline or hot story and working it into your content, you are drawing more eyes to your blog, including media sources, that then give you more coverage and basically even more eyes are on you.

For example, a travel agency blog might employ this tactic by finding a recent story about the love getaway of a celebrity couple, and editorialize by adding their advice on ‘how to have a romantic getaway’ like that celebrity couple. Whenever you get the chance, try to ‘jack’ some of the headlines you see, and make them relevant to your readers and your bottom line.

So now you know how to improve sales with blogging. In short, blog like a consumer. It’s actually easier than you think, and at the end of the day, could produce better results than you ever imagined.

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