Eminem versus Rihanna: Who has the Top Facebook page?

By Kim Nguyen

Celebrities – love them or hate them, but one thing we can’t do is ignore them, especially when it comes to social media. They are taking on many tactics in the social media world to expand their influence and engagement with their fans.  But which famous people on Facebook are truly better at using social media – Eminem or Rihanna?  These two have the highest Facebook likes among the celebrity Facebook pages.  Yes, even beating out Lady Gaga *gasp*.  Let’s take a look at these two superstars and how they match up by comparing Facebook activity in March 2012. Top Facebook Page Comparison: 

Eminem Facebook Page:
Total Likes: 55.7m
Total Talking About: 398k
# of Posts in March: 7
Post Likes:  163k
Post Comments: 20k
Post Shares: 6k

Rihanna Facebook Page: 
Total Likes: 54.5m
Total Talking About: 788k
# of Posts in March: 12
Post Likes: 353k
Post Comments: 45k
Post Shares: 22k

Eminem edges out and wins in the quantity department with “likes” but Rihanna wins in the quality arena. In March, Rihanna had 2.2x more likes, 2.3x more comments, and 3.6x more shares on her Facebook posts than Eminem. How? A golden rule of marketing on Facebook is to post often and to post engaging content which includes visual content. Rihanna posted on Facebook 3 times a week where Eminem posted about 1 post every week and a half or so. Also, pictures say a thousand words and Rihanna had a lot of them.

Granted, Rihanna might have a lot more going on with her music, appearances, and other events than Eminem right now. A key mistake with marketing on Facebook is only posting when there is a lot of activity and slowing down when there’s not. It’s like a business, you hardly ever cut off marketing or sales efforts because things are going slow. These efforts are what grows companies and keeps them ahead of their competition. So in the battle of the top Facebook page, the title goes to Rihanna.

Don’t be shy – what celebrity Facebook page do you follow?

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