Better Search Engine Advertising Results: Build Your Web Presence

By Courtney Morrill

Like most of us, you probably take it one step at a time, or use the approach that you’ll cross that bridge when you get to it. But when it comes to your search engine advertising, you might have to cross several bridges at once, and faster than you thought. Most people believe that as long as they combine their search ads with a little SEO then they’ve given it the old college try.

What most people don’t realize is that to be truly successful in this highly competitive game, their entire web presence must be taken into account. You can’t have a top-notch search advertising campaign if you don’t implement some key elements from the top down.  Keep these 4 tips in mind to improve your search engine advertising campaigns, your sales, and your overall web presence.

1. Finesse Your Landing Page

Your goal: more conversions. But you’re not going to get them if you don’t have a carefully crafted landing page attached to that stellar search ad. The good news is that you can achieve more conversions with just a couple of simple tweaks. First, every visitor to your landing page should be able to immediately see the way of conversion, or, your ‘conversion path’, as many refer to it. The call to action should be clear and readily available. A direct call to action is best here, no cloak and dagger. It’s simple really: here’s what your consumer should do next and here is how. Often this is as simple as a phone number for them to call or submitting an email address.  Also, this is a great page to illuminate benefit after benefit, and those benefits should be crystal clear. Once again, don’t mask the important things with too much jargon or fluff.

2. Go Mobile

If you’ve gotten this far, don’t give up. 50% of U.S. mobile users own a smart phone, according to a latest Nielsen report. This number is not expected to stagnate or decrease either. More smart phones means more people will be searching with mobile devices, and that includes the opportunity to search you, if you’ve put yourself in the game. If your business, brand or product isn’t visible via mobile, then you could be losing a large opportunity to reach potential customers. All you have to do is include both a mobile component in your initial search campaign, and then develop a mobile-ready website. Lastly, if your business is local, you’ll want to make sure to claim your business on all of the local listing sites that have mobile versions so that you can really up the ante.  The goal is to seamlessly drive searchers to your business

3. Know Your Score

Your quality score is a real thing that search engines use to figure out when, where and for what cost your search ads operate. These scores are just one more reason to create a strong link between your text ads and your landing page, which essentially boils down to using the most effective keywords across the board. By having a good quality score, you can boost your placement on the search engine results page (SERP) and best of all, your top-performing keywords can lower in bid price.

4. Think About Your Reputation

The Internet is the wild, wild, west in some ways. There isn’t a lot of law and order when it comes to your image. Often, your website is not the first – or even the second place – customers will go to get the dirt on you. If your reputation has been tainted in other forums, which could be anything from business reviews, blog posts and comments about your product, brand or business, then you’ll have a much harder time getting them to click on your ads. You’ll want to start monitoring your reviews as much as possible and address any negative reviews as quickly as you can. With this tactic, your business can keep a positive online image which improves your overall web presence. There is another trick here, too: try shifting the tides by asking for positive customer reviews from your happy customers. This is a surefire way to boost your SERP appeal (it went there) and improves your overall campaign performance.

Is your business employing these tactics to boost your search advertising campaign results? Tell us about it in the comments!

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